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The Hauser costume group was founded in 1949 by the brothers Josef, Hans and Sebastian Hauser as a pure Plattler group. Other founding members were Engelbert Köck and Hechenberger Otto. In 1989, the group appeared on television for the first time together with the "Hahnenkamm Trio and the Kitzbühler Diandln". Here Karl Moik, as presenter of the "Musikantenstadl", was able to convince himself of the qualities of the group and since then the group has been seen again and again in various popular programs of European broadcasters.

Since 1975, the Hauser costume group has also had a youth group. The aim of the youth group is to teach children and young people between the ages of 6 and 14 the old traditional dances and Schuhplattler at the weekly rehearsals.




The chronicle of the traditional costume association "D'Koasara" Kufstein

In the year 1901 nine courageous, tradition-conscious men from Kufstein came together for a round table at the "Pfandlhof" mountain inn in the Kaisertal and founded the association "Koasarabuam".

The constitutive general assembly took place on August 7 of the same year.

At this founding assembly, Josef Greiderer was elected to the board, which he held until 1907.

1907 Peter Treichl was elected to the board.

1908 Peter Hauth became the new board.

From 1909 to 1911 Franz Kruckenhauser was on the board.

1911 was the district association festival and the 10-year founding festival in Kufstein carried out.

From 1911 to 1912 Mr. Haitauer led the association.

According to the minutes of 18.01.1912 the name of the association was changed to Volks-Trachten-Erha Kufstein Training Association changed.

From 1912 to 1923, Franz Kruckenhauser again held the position of 1st board.

Lt. In the minutes of November 5th, 1914, the name of the association was again changed to Volks-Trachten-Preservationverein "D'Koasara" Kufstein, which still exists today.

1923 Mr. Kammerlander became chairman of the association.

From 1924 to 1927 Jakob Zöttl was the new board member.

1926 The memorial chapel on Calvary was handed over to the association by the Egger family, which has been owned by the Koasara ever since.

1927 Peter Treichl was on the board.

Leopold Stohanzl followed in 1928.

1929 to 1931 Balthasar Schrettl was on the board.

In 1931 the construction of a clubhouse began on the fortress (Lower Castle Barracks).

From 1932 to 1936 Anton Kugler was chairman of the club.

In 1937 Martin Schröck followed.

In 1938 Sebastian Daxenbichler became chairman.

After the invasion of the German troops joined the Standschützenbund in March 1938. Sebastian Daxenbichler led the club until the beginning of the war, when the male members had to do service for the fatherland and many stayed in the field forever.

1945 to 1946 The club house was a political one prison.

In 1947 the club was reactivated by Sebastian Daxenbichler and a few courageous idealists.

From 1948 to 1952 Ferdinand Egerth led the association as chairman.

In 1950 the Unterinntal Trachtenverband was founded with the cooperation of the Koasara.

1952 Otto Zöttl and 1953 Balthasar Luchner senior. Board of Directors.

From 1954 to 1958 Ferdl Egerth was chairman again.

From Dec. 1958 to Dec. 1963 Herbert Amort was chairman.

1964 to 1966 Josef Vinciguerra was chairman.

From Dec. 1966 until December 1970 Herbert Amort led the club again.

1971 to 1974 Josef Vinciguerra was on the board again.

Ernst Scheiflinger took over the management board in December 1974.

In 1976, work began intensively on setting up a youth group and has been pushed again and again since then . This youth group gave rise to the club's Plattler group, which is still active today and has made a name for itself for our club and our city of Kufstein, particularly through performances at home and abroad.

In December 1978 Herbert Amort took over the management board.

In December 1982, Hans Gogl took over the club, which he headed until December 1999.

Epiphany 1985 was the blackest day in Koasara club history. In the early hours of the morning, our clubhouse in the fortress fell victim to the fire devil. We were deeply shocked to see that decades of idealist work, the chronicle of which we were particularly "proud", as well as log books, pictures, certificates, documents, valuable documents, the flag and the entire facility were destroyed in a few hours. The Koasara, however, did not let themselves be defeated and after this major fire they really started working together.

So a new flag was immediately purchased and on 22. Dedicated June 1985.

On 30. November 1985 the new clubhouse was inaugurated.

From 1999 to 2008, Hans Wirries was chairman of the association.

Since December 2008, Harald Gogl has led the association as Chairman in the future.


And don't forget


HUBSI, our man at the keys and buttons, plays accordion, keyboard, Styrian harmonica and bass. He convinces with his cheerful nature and is also the group's emcee. Hubsi amplifies the group with his deep, powerful voice.


FLORI, the man on the sides, plays E and A guitar, clarinet, trumpet and saxophone. Flori is also the band's technician and is the lead singer of the Gletscherpiraten.

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