The history of the Stöckl family

The history of the Kaiserhotels

The Stöckl family is one of the oldest families in Oberndorf, the family tree goes back centuries.
The two family houses of Family are the organic farm Müllnerhof in the district of Wiesenschwang and the Kaiserhotel Neuwirt in the center of Oberndorf.



Tourism development began with the construction of the Neuwirtssaal by Josef Stöckl. The Neuwirt Hall with the theater stage quickly became known far and wide thanks to large balls, theater performances and the traditional Tyrolean evenings.


Handover of the Müllnerhof from Josef Stöckl to Leonhard Stöckl.


Opening of the Felbertauernstrasse, which led directly through the village past the Neuwirt. The good à la carte business determined the course of operations.


Extension of the Gasthof Neuwirt to include a canteen kitchen with a cellar.
New construction of what was then the most beautiful room in the area with many prominent regular guests, such as Udo Jürgens.
The Gasthof Neuwirt has 17 double rooms and 2 single rooms with showers on the floor and is very well used by guests passing through for overnight stays.
2 guest rooms have already been rented out in the Müllnerhof.


Handover of the Gasthof Neuwirt from Josef and Anna Stöckl to Leonhard Stöckl.


Construction of today's bypass road, a blessing for the traffic-plagued town but for our à la carte oriented Gasthof Neuwirt.
The sudden drop from an average of 500 meals and more per day to 50 meals and less was economically difficult for the company to cope with.


In September of this year, the outbuildings of the Müllnerhof burned down Hay self-ignition, completely off.
Thanks to the great commitment of the Oberndorf volunteer fire brigade and the surrounding fire brigades, the residential building could be saved.
In the same year and also in 1987, the Müllnerhof was expanded with additional guest rooms and a new farm building was built.


Renting of the staff house next to the Gasthof Neuwirt.


Conversion of the Neuwirt hall, relocation of the guest toilets to the basement.


Addition of a 2nd floor to the Gasthof Neuwirt and conversion of the existing rooms on the 1st floor.
The Neuwirt now has 27 rooms with bath/shower and separate toilet, cable TV and balcony.
Change of name to Hotel Gasthof Neuwirt with 3 stars.


Founding of our incoming office Kaiserhotel Touristik Placement of guests and groups throughout Austria.


In November of this year, the Hotel Kitzbühler Alpen**** is acquired by the Stöckl family for Gerti Stöckl.
The takeover of the 100-bed house on the Bauernpenzingbahn is a challenge for all family members.


Change of name for all establishments to Kaiserhotels. The family bought the apartment building next to the Müllnerhof.
8 well-kept apartments now belong to the portfolio of the Kaiserhotels.


Handover of the Hotel Neuwirt by Leonhard Stöckl to Christian Stöckl.


Room extension Neuwirt – Extension of the south-facing rooms by 6 rooms.


The ice rink behind the Hotel Neuwirt will be asphalted, so the popular track is not only used in winter, but also in summer by Oberndorf's ice shooters and guests.


Kaiserhotel Kitzbühler Alpen**** – Autumn - Beginning of extensive renovation work in the hotel.
1st construction stage – new hotel lift up to the 4th floor.
New construction of the staircase from the 3rd to the 4th floor.
Extension of the wellness anteroom – changing facilities for the Müllnerhof and apartment house guests.


Kaiserhotel Kitzbühler Alpen**** – general renovation and new construction of the 1st and 2nd floor - all rooms will be newly built as family units.
Complete new construction of the heating system, conversion from electric heating to local heat from the Egger company Redesign of the children's entertainment house.
In autumn 2013, general renovation of the 3rd floor with 5 new bathrooms.

Müllnerhof - in addition to the existing wood chip heating system, the district heating network connected.

Apartment house Müllnerhof Conversion from oil heating to district heating New construction of the boiler house.

Kaiserhotel Neuwirt Conversion from oil heating to district heating.
New construction of the complete heating system.
General renovation of the dining room.


Our Kaiserhotel Kitzbühler Alpen* *** receives the 4th star on January 17, 2014, without any complaints - a happy day for the whole family.

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